Pledging Prismari: Drafting UR Spells in Strixhaven

Hello and welcome to Prismari Campus! My name is Schaab and I’ll be your guide today. Truthfully, I’m surprised to find myself here. As a language-based professional, I consider myself more of a Silverquill staff member, but the Prismari brochure says “DRAW MORE CARDS!” so I find myself here often. Today we’re going to tourContinue reading “Pledging Prismari: Drafting UR Spells in Strixhaven”

Be Boring: A Guide to Building Better Draft Decks

Limited at my LGS Limited against LSV The Curve Curving Out with Commons CABS (Cards that Affect the Board Strategy) Conditional Spells Filling Deck Roles The Martin Juza Rule Splashing – The Rule of Three Draft Mana Base Play 40 Cards Bending or Breaking the Rules Playskill Be Boring 1. Limited at my LGS FridayContinue reading “Be Boring: A Guide to Building Better Draft Decks”

The Player I Want To Be: May MIQ Tournament Report (Standard)

The Player I Want To Be doesn’t shy away from complicated decks – he embraces them. The Player I Want To Be sees them as opportunities to leverage his play skill against the rest of the field. He’s comfortable in high pressure situations with complex board states because he’s used to playing in high stakesContinue reading “The Player I Want To Be: May MIQ Tournament Report (Standard)”

Almost, Paradise Druid: A Drafter’s Historic Mythic Qualifier

Live drafting with seven other people while lounging in pajamas is a joy, and I was an elated individual the month after I downloaded Arena. Ecstatic though I was, there was a fair amount of learning that accompanied my revelry: User Interface, new format (Kaldheim), and shaking off the rust of not playing Magic forContinue reading “Almost, Paradise Druid: A Drafter’s Historic Mythic Qualifier”

The Underdrafted Undead: Rise of the Dread Marn

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: I fell in love with Magic as a kid, left the game for a while, then returned to it as an adult. When I returned to casting cardboard in 2016, Draft replaced Mahamoti Djinn as the pinnacle of my Magic affection. Oath of the Gatewatch was theContinue reading “The Underdrafted Undead: Rise of the Dread Marn”