Historic Mardu Magda: Beating Turn 2 Ugin and Other Info

My cold, calculating drafter’s heart has very few soft spots for 60 card decks. This Historic Magda list posted by Raph Levy, however, looked similar to Mardu Vehicles – the lone Standard deck I piloted during my brief stint as a tournament grinder in Southern Maine a few years back. Hello, heartstrings. Didn’t realize youContinue reading “Historic Mardu Magda: Beating Turn 2 Ugin and Other Info”

Be Boring: A Guide to Building Better Draft Decks

Limited at my LGS Limited against LSV The Curve Curving Out with Commons CABS (Cards that Affect the Board Strategy) Conditional Spells Filling Deck Roles The Martin Juza Rule Splashing – The Rule of Three Draft Mana Base Play 40 Cards Bending or Breaking the Rules Playskill Be Boring 1. Limited at my LGS FridayContinue reading “Be Boring: A Guide to Building Better Draft Decks”

The Player I Want To Be: May MIQ Tournament Report (Standard)

The Player I Want To Be doesn’t shy away from complicated decks – he embraces them. The Player I Want To Be sees them as opportunities to leverage his play skill against the rest of the field. He’s comfortable in high pressure situations with complex board states because he’s used to playing in high stakesContinue reading “The Player I Want To Be: May MIQ Tournament Report (Standard)”

Theorycrafting Draft Decks: Xenan Mandrakes

When Empire of Glass falls and fades from memory, as all Empires do, this author will lament the parts of the kingdom that went unexplored: the bogs, swamps, and thickets where Mandrakes reside. Mandrake decks have occupied a space in the back of my brain from the format’s outset. The draft community collectively recognized theContinue reading “Theorycrafting Draft Decks: Xenan Mandrakes”

Almost, Paradise Druid: A Drafter’s Historic Mythic Qualifier

Live drafting with seven other people while lounging in pajamas is a joy, and I was an elated individual the month after I downloaded Arena. Ecstatic though I was, there was a fair amount of learning that accompanied my revelry: User Interface, new format (Kaldheim), and shaking off the rust of not playing Magic forContinue reading “Almost, Paradise Druid: A Drafter’s Historic Mythic Qualifier”

How to Lose Arena Cube: A Retrospective Guide

Step 1: Don’t do any research before drafting. Just dive right in! Step 2: Ignore the aggro decks. Step 3: Draft “Spell Pierce” like you’re playing Legacy cube. By engaging with this article, you’re already violating Step 1 on your way to winning more games of Arena Cube. Personally, learning a new Draft set isContinue reading “How to Lose Arena Cube: A Retrospective Guide”

Chasing Whales: Limited Level-Ups from Kaladesh (2016)

No Easy Answers Luis-Scott Vargas (LSV) and Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa (PVDDR) are inarguably two of the most successful Magic players of all time. As Hall of Famers and mainstays in competitive Magic for decades, it’s safe to say that their player experiences have many parallels: they’ve drafted the same sets, played the sameContinue reading “Chasing Whales: Limited Level-Ups from Kaladesh (2016)”

Drafting Empire of Glass: Archetypes

“Rats Ablaze” or “Rally Rats” is how I affectionately refer to my favorite Eternal draft archetype of all time. Was it a premiere archetype in that format? Probably not. Was it a good deck? Debatable. Was it insanely fun? Yes. Yes it was and I forced it every single time I could: my relationship withContinue reading “Drafting Empire of Glass: Archetypes”

Drafting Empire of Glass: Eternal Draft Packs

Drafting and playing Eternal well is incredibly difficult – that’s why I enjoy it. Eternal provides my brain with both entertainment and an outlet for critical thinking. Seven weeks have passed since my daughter was born, so critical thinking is neither desirable nor possible for me right now. I’m starting to accept that I mightContinue reading “Drafting Empire of Glass: Eternal Draft Packs”

47 Cards to Go: Drafting Legendaries in Empire of Glass

Fine. You win. You’ll get your article about Legendaries, but only after I make these jokes at your expense. Youth basketball coaches worldwide have my sympathy. I’m over here trying to help people like “ok, kids, let’s talk about fundamentals. Time to practice free throws.” The Farming Eternal Discord : “HOW DO WE MAKE HOOKContinue reading “47 Cards to Go: Drafting Legendaries in Empire of Glass”