Drafting Empire of Glass: Zero Games Played

Fresh outta grad school, I could’ve written an extraordinary 30-page paper about improving speech & language therapy outcomes for individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)*. Google Scholar and I were best friends, transition sentences flowed effortlessly while I typed, and I had a campus full of academic and professional resources at my disposal. *Source: Schaab,Continue reading “Drafting Empire of Glass: Zero Games Played”

Learning from Elites: Shouta

Shouta Yasooka’s name inspires fear, respect, and the following associations throughout the worldwide Magic community : 1. Control Decks. 2. Playing insanely quickly. 3. Brilliant technical play. 4. Making balloon animals for opponents after losses. Okay, so the last one is a lie, but hopefully I have you hooked now. While it’s easy to findContinue reading “Learning from Elites: Shouta”

Learning From Losses

Whether you’re the educator or the student, the process of teaching and learning is unique for every individual. Your approach to education should vary based on who you’re teaching. While my writing is always intended for newer players, I’m aware that players of all skill levels see my work so I try to keep thatContinue reading “Learning From Losses”

Message to World’s Competitors

Greetings, World’s Competitors! If there’s one thing people love, it’s unsolicited advice. I’ve got ya covered. Schaab, Winner of nothing, has some invaluable advice for you, winner of something (I’m assuming. You’re competing at World’s, after all.) It’s probably inaccurate to even call it advice – these are reminders. Even if you’re not competing atContinue reading “Message to World’s Competitors”

Schaab Blog*: A Dozen Drafts

*Schaab Blog: Considering starting something like this as its own segment. My long articles try to teach people broad concepts about limited – and they take me a long time to write. Might use the Schaab Blog term to differentiate full-form articles from stuff like this, which is just me sitting down and writing downContinue reading “Schaab Blog*: A Dozen Drafts”

Be Boring – Audio Version

The following episode of Farming Eternal is an audio version of “Be Boring,” one of my first articles about the drafting process. While the set-specific information in the article primarily focuses on set 9, Argent Depths, the audio version contains some of my general thoughts on limited and opinions on set 1 that I tryContinue reading “Be Boring – Audio Version”

Listen – Leveling up and Learning

Thank you so much for being here, choir. You may sit down and relax for a while, ‘cuz I’m about to preach. You’re preparing to read a lengthy CCG article written by a person who has won zero tournaments. That being the case, it’s safe to assume that you recognize the value of learning fromContinue reading “Listen – Leveling up and Learning”

Forging Fundamentals

New Eternal players, y’all don’t realize how good you have have it. You might not know @Jedi_EJ, but he’s got your back. “How can I help newer players get better at limited?” I’ve been asking myself. My overexcited brain: “Decks that are hard to draft and play!” (Feln Control) “CHOO CHOOO in big letters!” (QuadrantContinue reading “Forging Fundamentals”

Feln Control Update

https://eternalwarcry.com/articles/d/chq9EV4wLyU/drafting-good-decks-with-bad-cards-feln-control I wrote the below disclaimer before I published my original Feln Control article. -The majority of this article was written prior to the format changes/updates that occurred on August 10th. I haven’t played enough recently to know the major impacts of the update, except for changeestik, which acts as another win condition for thisContinue reading “Feln Control Update”